A brief presentation of who I am

Hi, my name is Salah, I’m 26 years old, Im from the beautiful city of Marrakech in Morocco, I’m passionated about Internet and new technologies, I like testing new products to see how well they perform and how can they make our life easier. and this is where come out the idea of creating this blog.

But why setup this blog?

Every time I was trying to buy a product online, I was struggling to decide if it is a good choice for me or not! so I was looking here and their, trying to find what other people think about it, is it really good as described on vendor’s website, doest it full fit my needs? is it going to resolve my problem? any guarantees? and so on … and all this was taking me more time and effort, and sometimes made me a lot more confused!

So, I decided that every time I buy a product online, I will write a good and honest review about it and bullish it on this Blog to make it available for every one struggling to know the truth before spending his hard earned money on online products.

Good luck, and please remember ..
Read the reviews before you do something stupid!


Here is a List of all the Products that I have personally reviewed

… More to come 🙂

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